Mount Rubidoux

A mountain seeping in American pride and the love of God. Captivating views of the city make the long ascent worth it. Sleep deprived sunrise chasers – I don’t know why my friends join me on these adventures. Awake in the early hours of the day and at the peak before dawn we waited for the morning sun. It seems like we have climbed, hiked and adventured our way through every crevice of our inland empire. Mount Rubidoux had yet to be conquered together so it had to be the first adventure over the short break we all shared. Thinking that the sun rose at 6 we set off around 5 to meet up and reach the peak. Taking in the sweeping views of a slumbering city as we climbed, we knew the sunrise would be a treat. We reached the peak right around 6 in the morning but the sun wouldn’t greet us for another hour. Huddled up we avoided the wind and got a chance to catch up with each other and communicate the latest chapter of our lives. As if the fall semester had never occurred, as if we had ever gone our separate ways to Arizona, Colorado and respective areas of Southern California, we joked and laughed and the cool windy morning felt like summertime. The sun finally rose and in all majesty painted the sky. This was about more than a sunrise or a hike or sore calves, this was about reconnecting with the friends who have withstood the tests of time and distance.

Photograph and content by Alex Rager