Paris, France

From the United Kingdom to the mainland, an overnight ferry trekked the English Channel and brought us to France. Increadable. I took a shine to France in particular on this two week journey. Like in London, each day was filled with iconic sightseeing and cultural experiences. Frog legs really do taste like chicken and escargot is slurped out of the shell and a green sauce almost makes you forget about the weird rubbery thing you aren’t supposed to chew – oops. I don’t remember what it was about France that made me fall madly in love, but I would go on to learn French and have a month long wild ride back in the states because of it. One of my favorite memories of France was when I first arrived at the top of the Eiffel Tower. This enormous structure is at the heart of the city and from the top, France is your plaything. Overlooking the edge, I could grasp the complexity and beauty that is Paris. The eyes of the Mona Lisa really do follow you, and the painting is puny against its staggering reputation. This mysterious portrait of a woman caught in the middle of love and sabotage was amazing and confusing. It is only now, at 19 that I understand that love is a fickle thing and life is a careful balance. The Louvre peaked my interest in art, the culture developed a palate for food and the language a love for diversity. These are the things one gains from exploration, travel and an open mind while doing so. I wish I could show you Paris from my eyes as a sixth grader, how different my perspective must have been from what it is now. The city of love might be a cliché destination, but never underestimate the beauty in the nuances you discover – Paris, or anywhere you travel in life can be as unique as your sense of adventure, you just have to follow your heart and open your mind.


Content by Alex Rager