I have vacationed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with my family for as long as I can remember but this time we were in Ensenada. A new town with new things to discover and experience. A familiar scene greeted us; the main path was lined with sellers and tourists bargaining, sampling and aimlessly looking at the knockoffs and tchotchkes. A natural blowhole, of which there are very few globally, peaked my interest. The tide rushes in and the ever-eroding rock shoots out a plume of water. It was a pretty cool thing to see, but weaving my way through the crowd took some effort. The main path resembled something of a county fair; making your way through the crowd trying not to get lost while being begged to look at the seller’s goods and stopping when something catches your eye. Something caught mine. A jaguar in front of a jungle themed restaurant on a harness being used to generate intrigue and profit. Disgusting. One look and you can tell this animal is unhealthy and miserable. Once we moved on from the main street we went into town and got to experience the area in a different way. I would argue that you have never tasted a taco quite like one traditionally made with a handmade tortilla, locally sourced ingredients and the freshest seafood. Ensenada may not have been what I expected but it was an experience I would never trade.

Content and Photograph by Alexandrea Rager

This is me

“I am certain of nothing”

I’m Alex, a free spirit with a burning desire to roam and experience, with open arms, the unknown. What started as spontaneous trips with friends, became a catalyst to readily challenge the conventions tailored to keep us from embracing our beautiful existence. I invite you to subtly stalk the curious adventures of my life. I believe that as you create yourself, you will more readily challenge and navigate the world around you. I share with you the stories I cherish from embracing my gypsy heart, these are the moments that fuel my desire to be certain.

The Falls

Hidden in the rocks on the border of a drought-ridden big city adjacent to mine lies a secret. Free flowing water over the edge of towering painted rocks. In this parched residential area the waterfall has been reduced to a steady flow that struggles to maintain a creek running along the length of a dusty trail. Pass under the branches of two trees coordinating the natural tunnel to the rocky staircase and the myths come alive. An artist’s paradise, a sinner’s grotto; The Falls are a sanctuary for any young person feeling trapped. Towering rocks displaying years of painted imagination surround the flow. The experiences I have had at The Falls facilitate my desire to return. Outside of spontaneous sunrise hikes before an eight hour workday and semi-planned mini-adventures with friends, I enjoy solitary trips here as a means of escape. Getting knee-deep in the pools of water, bouldering up the rocks around dusk to chase the sunset, finding those little areas off the beaten path and coming home with the battle wounds are what I live for. The view from the top accompanied by trickling water frees my mind and fuels my passion.

Content and Photograph by Alex Rager