The Warehouse

In the middle of horse trails in Norco, a city just up the freeway from Corona, lies the abandoned and crumbling remains of a building unknown, dubbed by those who visit, the warehouse. An escape from the ordinary, a myth, the embodiment of youthful expression. This building has become a piece of art and apart of Norco. Boredom struck, so, naturally my friends and I started thinking about what we were going to do about it. Hiking, yet again, skyline or the falls sounded mundane so our sights were set on this fantastical building coated in imagination somewhere unbeknownst to us. A friend in the group had been a while back and new the general whereabouts. That was good enough for us. Off we went into Norco without really a clue what we sought out or where it would lie. It wasn’t one of those “you can’t miss it” places – this took some effort. Eventually, after walking a dusty horse trail near a nursery that became our only reference point, we found it. We took time to marvel in awe at the structure, the colors, its art. The amount of artistic talent showcased throughout these off-shoot cities continue to intrigue me. Where and who are these rebel artists? After looking around and having a mini photoshoot we said our goodbyes to this place. We have yet to return but one day, maybe with the same or other friends, I am sure we will return to add a piece of ourselves, and leave our mark on the vibrant walls of our sinner cathedral.

Photograph and content by Alex Rager

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