London, England

I was in the sixth grade when the opportunity to experience London, England presented itself to me. Unbeknownst to my parents this would fuel the passion that made this blog a reality. The process was straight forward and intense. If one is to be a student ambassador to the United States, one has to know her stuff. For what felt like months, I attended large lecture-style meetings, read international current events, did homework and sunk my teeth into a culture completely alien at the time. I have been going to Mexico for as long as I can remember, but London is no two hour flight. All prepped and ready to go, I was off! A sixth grader on her way to uncharted territory to make memories that have withstood the test of time. Touristy doesn’t begin to describe it – we saw the sights and experienced the cultural norms of England from all angles. The food, people, iconic structures and those things off to the side that catch your eye all contributed to a fascinated young girl eager for more. I was fortunate to experience cultural diversity at a young age, and I wish I had photos for you but being in the sixth grade and only allowed to have a satellite flip phone to call home, the images I wish I could share are forever in memory.

Content by: Alex Rager

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